Using Church Searches

There are a number of ways that you can search the Sacred Scotland Churches and your searches can be as simple or as specific as you like.

Using Church SearchSimple Church Search

You can search the entire church archive by entering a name or location into the search box on the Homepage or on the Churches page. Your search results will be based on the keyword(s) that you entered.


A to Z FiltersA to Z Filters

The A to Z filters are a quick way of finding churches based on the church name or the town/city they are situated in.

Your search results will be filtered accordingly to the selection that you made in the A to Z Filter.

Advanced Search OptionsAdvanced Church Search

Below the A to Z filters there is a link to 'Show Advanced Search'. When this link is clicked it reveals a much more comprehensive search facility.

You can fill in as little or as many fields as you want, the more precise you are, the more refined your search results will be.