Explore Scotland's Churches

The Sacred Scotland website allows you to explore the rich heritage of church buildings in Scotland. There are many ways you can find churches you are interested in.


Church Pages ExplainedChurch Pages Explained

The church pages contain a lot of information on each individual church, this includes the location, service times, church history, events calendar. This section of the site explains the layout of the page and how to get the most from these pages. Read more about the church pages.


Using Church SearchUsing Church Search

The website allows you to do anything from simple searches on church name or location through to more sophisticated searches including church denomination, church location, construction dates, architects and much more. You can read more about searching for churches through the website.

Exploring Churches with EssaysExploring With Essays

Another way to learn more about churches in Scotland is to read our series of essays created for Sacred Scotland. Most of these essays have appeared in Sacred Scotland publications.